hello me not dead!

I have returned from nanowrimo hell.

c and I are attempting to figure out just what the hell happened. today ava asked us what our shirt sizes were [awkward] and what color we liked more out of pink or blue [awkward]. if she is making us group shirts I am going to slit someone's throat.

over the month, ava stopped talking to c and me. it was GREAT. it was very nice, because we were actually free to talk about whatever we wanted and yeah. everyone else ignored us too. it was like sophomore year. I quite enjoyed the latter half of my sophomore year--no one except c talked to me. at all.

unfortunately a couple days ago shane called me so she could bitch about her problems. I just went "mmmhm" a lot and was basically on wikipedia the whole time.

I've been relegated to the role of tape machine.

I don't know if I ever posted about tape machining. it's another weird c&l-jargon term. we use it to mean, uh, when someone talks to you because they want to bitch and vent and expect you to say "that's not fair" and "that sucks" and "mmmhm".

well, it appears as though we're all growing farther apart. c surmises that by the beginning of next year ava will be pulling the suicidal card on us.

I may as well make this into a catchup of everyone, then. mary is all excited about things like ellen degeneres and world aids day, because that means gay!!!1!!1!11 lol!!1. and the last I heard emma is now going to Virtual High School. fabulous.

c wants me to add that last night ava pulled a massive derp. I have a long-standing history of writing rambly facebook notes. I decided to have a bit of fun and write out my middle school and high school years stylized like harry potter books. what I thought would concern everyone is that I got it out there that I was totally emotionally disturbed for a lot of freshman year and no one seemed to care. [I'm not getting all "OMG NOBODY UNDERSTANDS ME GOING TO OFF MYSELF BRB", trust me.] does that concern ava at all? nope. she wants to know if I'm mad at her. OBVIOUSLY.

ego affronted

I think that'll be all. I need to go to bed.


oh god how could I forget. ava, c, and I all won nanowrimo. and ava did indeed turn it into a big derp about how she's better than everyone. she took an eight-day break smack in the middle... I can't even what is this


biggest excuse ever, here we go

I'm going to apologize in advance for this post. this is more of a psa than anything. during the next month I probably won't be posting much, if at all, because of nanowrimo. however, most of the table is doing it with me! shane wants to handwrite hers. good luck. c is, since it was she who found it in the first place last year. and ava has been talking about how it'll be So Easy for her because she can apparently write the requirement of 1,667 words per day IN A HALF HOUR. oooooh.

it is not that easy. she doesn't get that.

so I bid you farewell until december, blogosphere.


guess who is not working on the newspaper even though she should be?

I'll give you three guesses and the first two don't count.

I have been editing this bitch of a newspaper. most of the articles are in. most of them have stunning grammar and spelling, such as "Wouldn't you want to start you fridays off good!" and "Math Leets" [I stared at this for about five minutes thinking "mathletes? MATHLETES? oh god, how did these people pass freshman english?"]

I said "most of the articles". emma and ava are still going with their feud. did I mention ava wants the story to end as a "psychological thriller", while emma wants "peace and understanding"? [those were verbatim.] this is a catholic school, mind you. I'd love to see how that one turns out.

but all this gorgeousness was overshadowed by a Special School Event, the very first of the year [and probably the biggest of the year]. yes. my school makes a bigger holiday out of united nations day than halloween, christmas, and the feast day of st. therese combined. we all get assigned a country. then the countries beat the shit out of each other.

my homeroom got barbados. why? because "the flag is pretty". c's got russia, because greenland wasn't a viable option.

turns out rihanna is from barbados. I got to hear more rihanna today than I have in the last five years. THE SAMPLING, OH MY GOD. I may or may not have heard republica [not sure] and soft cell [definitely] being butchered. I had my nail polish stolen and then returned to me by three different people.

then we went into the badly lit gym and all the countries beat the shit out of each other with bouncy balls. the main point of this part of the day was to spend an hour screaming at the top of your lungs and being deafened by the sounds of 200 other screaming girls. cymbals were suggestively hit. drums were suggestively beat. I heard the word "SENIORS" screamed so many times that my ears bled. [same goes for "JUNIORS" and "FRESHMEN" and "SOPHOMORES".]

okay, so maybe I have no school spirit. but holy hell, I've been going here for three years and THIS IS STILL REALLY WEIRD. as one of the soviet russians in c's homeroom remarked, "it wasn't as fun this year as it was in freshman year... FRESHMAN YEAR WAS AWESOME, WE HAD EGGS."

I better get back to editing now.


I'm tired and this is anticlimactic

shane was absent. and ava went to a college fair thing during lunch.

as such nobody else cared about our table-shifting experiment. must test this out further.

though I do have an interesting bit of news regarding our newspaper: ava and emma have both volunteered to write short stories for the paper. this would be no problem, really, if emma hadn't.. thought of something.

they have somehow decided to collaborate and write a story together with two main characters. one for each of them to control. okay. this would not be a problem if the two of them were rational 100% of the time, or even 96% of the time. unfortunately for us all, they aren't. they are both control freaks when it comes to their writing.

as I said to c, I would be willing to make monetary bets that before the end of the year we get at least one "OMG WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MY CHARACTER".

please excuse my brevity, I'm trying to outline my november.


suicide mission #4385098483724

the psats were today. emma actually came into school for the first time in ten years. I am astounded.

the main reasoning as to this posting is a certain little experiment c did last week. we went down to our free block [not our study period, our freeeee block] in the cafeteria, and she just didn't talk. she communicated entirely through nodding and shrugging and sighing.

and the thing is--nobody noticed. I don't mean either of us were expecting someone to latch on and say "OH C, YOU'RE NOT TALKING, SOMETHING MUST BE WRONG". I mean conversations went on as normal and everyone talked at her. since when she's not actually offering any semblance of an opinion, it pretty much cements her role as Huggable Teddy Bear.

c repeated this for a couple days. finally ava noticed because c "didn't even help [her] with [her] homework". the self-centeredness of most of this table amazes me.

aaaand so we have decided that that is the end of the bullshit. we're doing the unthinkable tomorrow. changing lunch tables.

OH NO. according to high school tradition this must mean we hate our table and are planning on shooting them up!!! GASP.

cheap teenage melodrama, m1k3y.

expect a post later tomorrow night [I'll have c slap me if I don't do it. I have to go to the town offices tomorrow after school to fill out a ton of paperwork... what have I gotten myself into]. I want to see how this goes. I really do. I hope neither of us explodes or is stabbed.

oh, and I need to blog about the ring fail too! shit. well, another day. I can't cram every sucky school event into one post, now, can I?



is it wednesday already?! I swear to god I meant to post on sunday. junior year, you eat my free time [as does preparing for nanowrimo].

anyway, life seems to be going pretty well. at mass last friday, it rained like hell. turns out we actually had to walk across the street for mass, and not just up the stairs to our badly lit gym. that went all right[ish]. it would have gone perfectly except that the communion hymn was the prayer of st. francis set to music. and the poor middle school child they had chosen to sing it... really could not sing, to say the least. the only logical explanation that I can think of as to why they chose him was that he had some kind of terminal illness and it was his lifelong dream to sing the prayer of st. francis to a large group of jaded high school girls. even the teachers were trying not to laugh.

emma is sure as hell ahead on the Missing Days Of School counter. I haven't seen her face for at least a week now. shane, on the other hand, has come in every.. single.. day. and is loudly making her presence known.

mary is acting more rrpofy and windup-doll-y than usual. meanwhile, britney has given up on trying to ingratiate herself into the gay table. I knew it wouldn't last long.

finally, everyone's favorite ava is on an every-other-day cycle of being mad at yours truly. and expecting me to know exactly why without her ever looking at me, much less talking. oh, and then she's always fine the next morning. I LOVE BITCHY DRAMAAAAAA.

psats are coming up! yaaaaay! the english department is all happy about this. the math department is doing nothing, as usual. "god love you on the math section," our lit teacher said today. it is quite true.

I quit my grocery store job. I have never been happier, not even when I went to see pearl jam. well, maybe pearl jam beats being free of drudgery. at least I have my library job.

today mrs. theology told us not to swear in the hallway or anyone who happened to be around her was getting a detention. somehow I think this was directed at me. and yet she still has no clue who I am.

we have another weird church service on friday. no idea what the hell their reasoning is this time. hopefully I can remember to update my sad lonely blog.

oooh, and speaking of my sad lonely blog--we had an assembly on how facebook is bad and cyberbullying is bad and myspace is bad and taking pictures of yourself is bad [child pronography, kids] and basically the internet is for shit! I love my school.


updates! updaaates!

c wheedled [vocab word] me into adding this in. at the sleepover when we went to the park we ended up running from the cops. it was astounding.

oh yeah. good night when you have to run from the cops. I've found that whenever the cops go after me I'm somehow ALWAYS with shane. I feel like this could explain a lot.

tomorrow, it being the feast day of st. therese of lisieux, we are having mass in our badly-lit gym once again! to celebrate we made some crappy toilet-paper roses in theology, assisted by mrs. babiez. apparently they're being handed out to the school tomorrow. fantastic. I will take a picture.

c also surmises that we might have some kind of weird assembly or pep rally or something in the middle of the day after mass. oh god I'm worried.

so close... so close to the weekend... I'm tired.